bodewell home has had enough and is taking the fate of consumer goods into our own hands.
What differentiates our product?  We use only all natural, non toxic, food grade, non GMO coconut wax blend to make our candles.  We use lead free cotton wicks.  Our products are safe.  For you, for your children, for your environment.  Now that says something about product integrity.

We manufacture locally, we want to know WHO, WHAT, WHERE and HOW our candles are being produced.  We make frequent trips to the site.  We chat with the folks hand pouring our wax.  We know their faces.  We know their names.  We are all about quality control.

We work with Light 4 Life Cause.  We work with them because we are mothers. We work with them because we recognize that ALL people deserve an opportunity to experience pride in the workplace, fair wages, and safe working conditions.   

You can say so much about your beliefs, your mission, and your support when you decide to purchase products that go beyond the bucks.  Products that are beautiful inside and out.